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A for architectural

A90-P by Glamox

A for architectural

A90-P by Glamox

Via insight into the needs of various users, discussions with architects, and in close cooperation with Glamox, our product designers at EGGS have created a sleek and robust luminaire that embodies the latest LED technology.

Packing a powerful punch

The Glamox A90-P is a powerful luminaire designed to meet the industrial specifications of any commercial premises, as well as satisfying the demands of architects and lighting designers seeking a lamp that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This is a luminaire capable of creating a wide range of total solutions with a compatible design throughout an entire project. 

Glamox A90-P Close-up + in context

Illuminating all building types

It's been designed in two sizes (A90-P1 and A90-P2) and comes with various types of optics, including the option of six different lumen packages and reflector materials - enabling easy customisation within any indoor environment regardless of size. The A90-P1 has been designed to cater for premises such as retail spaces, receptions and canteens, whilst the A90-P2 can project a beam of up to 20,000 lumens and is intended for large production premises, warehouses, entrance halls and atriums with a ceiling height of up to 10 to 12 meters.

Glamox A90-P Close-up

Leaving architects beaming 

Consisting of a single unified main body, the A90-P is defined by its stylish cooling ribs and streamlined outward profile. Its predecessor - a halogen lamp of similar nature - has long been the default choice for many architects needing a high volume of light, and that allows for plenty of headroom space. Because Glamox is constantly striving to set new lighting solution standards, this switch to LED technology is bound to leave all architects beaming.

Glamox A90-P sketch

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