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Fast service = more cash


Fast service = more cash


SnappOrder is an online app that enables customers to quickly order food, drinks and concert tickets, and for restaurant or venue staff to process their requests far more efficiently.


The entrepreneurs of SnappIT got the idea while waiting too long for a beer. Nobody benefits from waiting, right? So they wanted to create a snappy ordering service where you can see the menu, order whatever you want, and when you get your beer you have already paid for it. By the end of the day this wouldn’t only benefit the customer, but also lower the burden on the staff and give more revenues for the restaurants.

Snapporder interfaces

Speedy service

EGGS design’s objective was to provide the desired snappyness of the customer experience. By merging the desired customer journey with appropriate business goals, we would play around in the technical possibility space for a while. And at the end of the process, we were where we wanted to be; a smooth purchasing process where you somewhat magically end up with a cold beer in your hand before you can say the word “Snapp”.


SnappOrder has given us shorter queues, a better audience experience and increased sales.

Joachim Øygarden, F&B Manager at Telenor Arena

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